Please also check out our Guide to Summer Camp at CWR!

Is your camp certified/accredited? CWR is accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA) and is also a member of the Christian Camp and Conference Association (CCCA).  In addition, certified instructors lead all of our waterfront and adventure recreation programs.

How many campers are there each week and what is the staff to camper ratio? There are 180 campers present each week of camp, and the staff to camper ratio is 1:5.

How do I register for summer camp? We have created a guide to walk you through the registration process. Download the Summer Registration Guide to get an idea of what you can expect when registration opens on January 31st!

Which school grade is used for summer sessions? The summer sessions are based on the grade to be entered in the fall. 

I have a rising 10th grader that has a rising 9th grade friend.  Is it possible for them to go to camp the same week? We will allow the rising 10th grader to register as a 9th grader and attend a 7-9 grade session; however, we will not allow the rising 9th grader to register as a 10th grader and attend the 10-CF session. You will need to contact our office to make this arrangement.

Is there financial assistance available for my child? It is our desire that every child has the opportunity to attend CWR.  Our financial assistance funds are intended for those children who otherwise would be unable to attend.  Both partial and full scholarships are available.  If you wish to apply for financial assistance please complete the “Financial Assistance Form” available in your account dashboard once you register for a summer camp session.

Do you accept credit cards as payment for camp fees? Yes, we accept all major credit cards.

What is the cancellation and refund policy? In case of cancellation the fee (less the non-refundable $50 deposit) is refundable if notification is received in writing 30 days prior to your child arriving at camp.

Can a camper come for two weeks? Yes, but we will not register a camper for a second week until after all of the initial registration process is complete.  Once that initial registration process is completed in February, we are happy to register your camper for a second session in any week with openings remaining. Please contact our office to register your camper for a second week.

How do I request a boxcar buddy? If your child has a friend they wish to be in the same boxcar with, be sure to complete the “Boxcar Friend Request” step in your account dashboard.  All friends must be in the same age group (i.e. 7-9 or 10-CF).  You may request up to 2 friends. Groups larger than 3 will need to be divided into smaller pairings.

What happens if my child is placed on a waiting list? In the event that your child is placed on the waiting list for a week of camp, you will still be presented the option to register for another week of camp. If an opening becomes available in your first-choice week you will be contacted by our office.

What does my camper need to bring to camp? You will find a baggage list under the Forms section of the website and in your account dashboard.  Please note that any personal sports equipment brought to camp will be used only in the established camp program and under the supervision of the activity leader.  Camp Willow Run does not accept the responsibility for loss or damage to such equipment.  Skates and skateboards can not be used while at CWR. Firearms, fireworks, alcohol, and illegal drugs are not allowed at CWR.

How many beds are in each boxcar? Each boxcar will sleep 11 people.  There are 5 sets of bunk beds and a counselor’s bed in each boxcar.

Is there a medical professional on duty at summer camp? A healthcare person will be present on the camp property and on-call at all times.  This person will administer camper medications and first aid for minor injuries and illnesses.

What about special health concerns? We understand that some campers require special medical, mental or health attention while at camp. If you have concerns or questions regarding our ability to meet these needs, please call our office and we can evaluate together the fit of our camp program with your child’s particular needs.

What happens to my child’s medications when they get to camp? Upon arrival all prescription medications must be checked in with the camp health care person.  Please bring these medications in the original packaging that includes prescribing physician, name of medication, dosage, and frequency of administration.  The health care person will administer these medications to the child as needed for the treatment of minor injuries and illnesses.  The camp health care center will provide non-prescription medications to your child as designated on the Summer Camp Medical History Form you complete in your account once registered for a session.

Why would I receive a call from the Health Care Center? A camper’s parent/guardian/emergency contact will be called to discuss further options for care if: the camper spends the night in the Health Care Center for any reason, the camper requires off-site care, the camper will be unable to continue in the camp program due to injury or illness, a concussion or loss of consciousness is suspected, or the camper has three unprompted visits to the Health Care Center with the same complaint.

If my child has food allergies or a special diet what should I do? In the case of food allergies or special diet restrictions the Food Service Manager will gladly work with you prior to your child’s arrival at camp.  In certain cases parents may be asked to provide food substitutes. Contact us to speak with our Food Service Manager.

How do you staff your camp? Our summer staff consists of 42 college-age students. They love the Lord, love serving young people, and love having fun!  Many of our summer staff are former CWR campers.  The summer staff experience is so rewarding that 45-60% of our staff return each summer. Each staff member will go through a week and a half of staff training prior to campers arriving.

Can my child change recreation classes after registration? For all grades 7-9 sessions, campers must sign up for a recreation class for Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3. There is an optional Waterskiing/Wakeboarding during the freeswim times, Waterskiing/Wakeboarding, Crafts, and Model Rocketry have additional fees. All high school CWR summer camp sessions will have daily recreation sign-ups, but Waterskiing/Wakeboarding, Crafts, and Model Rocketry require signing up beforehand. You can sign up for activities from your account dashboard. If your child does not get one of the requested activities they will be placed on a waiting list for that recreation activity.  If space becomes available prior to your child coming to camp you will be contacted.

What is the difference between waterskiing class and free time skiing? Waterski class is one of your child’s 3 recreation classes that they will attend each day.  If your child signs up for free time skiing then that will occur during morning or afternoon free swim/field game time (refer to typical daily schedule).   During all waterski times your child can choose to ski, wakeboard, wake surf, or kneeboard.

What if I want to send my camper a letter or package? We highly encourage parents to send letters to their child while at camp.  This is a very special and important time of the day.  Parents may also drop off letters for the week during check-in at the campstore. To make sure they are delivered on time, please indicate the day you would like them delivered.  Please refrain from sending your child food or candy.  Address mail as follows:

(Camper Name)
(Camp week, boxcar and number)
Camp Willow Run
190 Mangum Lane
Littleton, NC 27850

Can I call my camper or can my camper call home? Due to the busyness of the camp schedule there is not time to allow campers to make phone calls.  As a result we encourage letter writing by both campers and parents as the form of communication for the week.

What if my camper gets homesick? Our staff are trained to handle the few occurrences of homesickness that we encounter in a summer.  Your child will be encouraged to positively focus on the many fun activities at camp.  If you know that your child is prone to homesickness it will go a long way for you to encourage your child to be positive before arriving at camp.

Does my child need money at camp? Campers will not need money while at camp.  All snacks and canteens are included in the camp fee.  In addition our campstore will only be open during check-in and departure when parents will be present.

What is canteen time? Canteen, also called Whistle Stop, is a snack break for the campers.  Each camper will be able to choose a drink (water, lemonade, or a soft drink) and snack item (chips, cookies, ice cream, etc.).  Campers do not need to bring money for canteen.  All snacks are included in the camp fee.