DJJ Sponsorship

Since 1972, young people have been able to participate in sponsorship outreach ministries through Camp Willow Run.  Our outreach program to troubled youth will continue this summer as we plan to work with 100 boys and girls from the N.C. Division of Juvenile Justice Youth Development Centers.  These youth have been in trouble with the law and need direction in their lives.  Our prayer is that they will find hope and direction in Jesus Christ.

The 100 boys and girls who will attend camp during this special week need sponsors.  If you would like to contribute or would like more information, please contact us.


“I’m writing to tell you thank you and how much I really appreciate

what you have done for us.  You’ve showed us love, care, and

also you’ve showed me that there are people out in the world that I

don’t even know that care and are thinking about us.  I really like

the Bible study here and the activities.  Again, thank you for your

support and I’m thinking about you and praying for you.”

–  Written in a letter from a young person who came in 2008