Full Time Staff

Robbie Harris, Executive Director
Robbie has served on full time staff since 1995.  He graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a B.S. in Business Management.  Robbie received his MBA from Campbell University.  Christian camping has been very influential in his life as he attended Camp Willow Run as a camper from grades 3-12 and served on summer staff.  His desire is “to provide a camping environment in which campers learn more about a relationship with Jesus Christ while having fun!”  Robbie and his wife, Kristie (also a former CWR summer staffer) are the proud parents of Jackson, Eli, and Thad.

Kevin Adams, Retreat Director
Kevin has served on full time staff since 1989.  He graduated with an A.S. from the University of South Carolina and a B.S. from Columbia International University.  He also holds a teachers diploma from CIU.  Kevin shares, “My heart for seeing others come to Christ through Christian camping extends from my own personal camping experience as a youth.  It is my desire to know Christ deeper and to make Him known to others. We strive to serve Christ by serving others. In this, we are pointing people to Christ’s great love for them.”  Kevin and his wife, May, have four children, Kelsey, Anna, Patrick, and Haley. Kevin and May have been a part of the ministry at Camp Willow Run for 35 years.  Their children were raised in the ministry and their 11 grandchildren and beginning to catch their vision for the Christian camping ministry. In his spare time, he enjoys hunting, fishing, spending time out on the water, spending time with family, and visiting other camps.

Nic Vore, Associate Director of Summer Camp
Nic has been serving on full-time since 2020.  He graduated from UNCW. Nic also served on summer staff from 2017 to 2019. He shares, “Christian Camping holds a special place in my heart. It’s where I was led to Christ, where I grew the most in my faith, and where I will faithfully continue to serve the Lord in hopes that the gospel will reach just one more child each day.” He is married to his wife Catherine and has a little one on the way.  When not working, he loves to read and stay active through weight training and running.

Amy Cooke, Registrar
Amy has been on staff since 2011. Before coming to camp she worked in banking.  She came to camp as a camper in 1982 and that is when she fell in love with Jesus and CWR. She loves people and she loves to tell them all about camp. It is beautiful to her to see the Lord’s faithfulness over the years. There have been so many lives changed by spending a week at camp.  She love the stories that she hear from parents about their children after a week at camp. They go home eager to spend more time with the Lord! She is married to her husband Al, has two children, three grandchildren(one due in May), and a lab named Max. She loves to spend time with her grandchildren and family. She loves to read (or listen) to books. The beach is her happy place. Lastly, her most favorite place to be is in Florida with her Parent’s in The Villages. 

Gina Newsome, Administrative Assistant
She had a lot of steppingstones prior to the Lord bringing me Youth Camps For Christ in 2000. She worked as a peak time teller when her children were very young. When her children entered middle school, she went to fulltime teller and then Customer Service. The honor of having Christian co-workers is the best perk of her job. She loves knowing every morning that she gets to come to this great place to work. One of her favorite parts of working here is getting to watch and know our summer staff. Nothing blesses her heart more than to watch these young people commit their whole summer to serving the Lord. She has been married to her husband, Eddie for 41 years. They have three children and six grandchildren. In her spare time, she love spending time with her family. It’s always a good day when she has all her grandchildren at her house and hearing them call her “GiGi” a hundred times that day!

Peter Semsey, Associate Director of Programming and Retreats
Peter joined full-time staff in 2019. He graduated from Charleston Southern with a degree in student ministry.  He worked on summer staff in 2017 and 2018.  Peter shared, “The Lord had put it on my heart since I was in 8th grade to serve in some form of ministry with students. I want all students to encounter the Savior of the World, in Jesus Christ. I am able to do that all the time with YCFC. ”  He has a dog named Henry and he loves to hike, play sports and video games, and to watch the New York Rangers play hockey in his spare time.