Daily Recreation

Recreation Rotation Overview (Grades 6-8)

Each camper will have the opportunity to participate in all CWR recreation activities during their camp session. Each afternoon campers will rotate through 3 recreation classes as a dorm group.  View the Recreation Options for descriptions of these activities.

If a camper is registered for water-sports, he/she will be assigned this activity during a class period each day. The camper will participate in the water-sports activity during their assigned class and then rejoin the rest of their boxcar group for the remainder of the activities.

Recreation Rotation Sign-ups Overview (grades 9-12)

At lunch dismissal each day campers will sign up for their three afternoon recreation activities. Spread out along the porch of Mangum Station Dining Hall will be sign-up sheets for each of that day’s available recreation areas. Most recreation areas will have class size limits, so campers are encouraged to have several options in mind in case their first choice is not available.

Some things for campers to keep in mind:
– Honor Boxcars are dismissed from Mangum Station first and have the first opportunity to sign up for classes
– Campers will be dismissed by grade on a daily rotational basis allowing each age group to have the opportunity to be first to sign up for classes
– You can only sign yourself up for a class
– You must sign up for a recreation class for all three time slots
– You may only sign up for High Ropes, Giant Swing, and Sailing once during the week
– Please remember the order of the classes you sign up for
Registration for Waterskiing, Crafts, and Model Rocketry occurs before camp, if you are assigned to one of these recreation areas you will need to complete daily sign-ups for those class periods in which you do not have Waterskiing, Crafts, and/or Model Rocketry