Meet our Mother/Daughter Retreat Speaker

Tara Furman is the founder and president of Knowing God Ministries (KGM).  A dynamic leader and speaker, Tara inspires women to know God personally and make a difference in their corners of the world, starting with those closest to them.  Her heart is to teach biblically based, real life applications of God’s principles that women can live out in their families, businesses, and everyday lives.

Since founding KGM in 2007, Tara has spent more than a decade speaking to women of all ages, (including girls of all ages), and denominations throughout the country.  She equips women through her blog, YouTube channel, speaking events and retreats, books, and Bible studies, often drawing upon her own experiences and sharing with an honesty and down-to-earth attitude that connects with women.

Tara grew up in Cary, NC and married her high school sweetheart, Tim, in 1995.  They continue to live in Cary and are recently empty nesters.  She is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Wilmington with a BA in communications and business.

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