At the Boxcar

After going through check-in at the Gym, it’s time to settle into your assigned boxcar for the week. Camp Willow Run has two lines of boxcars. There are 14 red boxcars on the front line that are labeled Southern 1-14 – they were donated by Southern Railways. Behind the Southern line are 8 black boxcars. These are N&W 1-8 and were donated to CWR by Norfolk & Western Railways.

At the boxcar you will meet your counselor for the camp session. Our summer staff consists of 42 college students who demonstrate a spiritual maturity that enables them to be positive Christian role models to our campers. They love the Lord, love serving young people, and love having fun! Each counselor seeks to foster and safe environment for each of our campers. Counselors work to see each camper grow spiritually, mentally, socially, emotionally, and physically. Typically, each boxcar will have one counselor and 9-10 campers.

At the boxcar you will meet your counselor, complete the Sign-In Sheet, pick a bunk, and start meeting other campers!