Land Activities


Our trained instructor will teach each camper to be a proficient archer.  Campers will learn the fundamentals of good shooting and important safety guidelines.  Challenges and competitions are available for all campers and this activity is fun and easy to learn for campers of all ages.

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If your interest is basketball then you will greatly enjoy this activity!  Each camper will be taught the fundamentals of the game and then given time to hone their skills through drills and competition.  Whether you want to participate in a competitive game or just shoot around with your friends, this is the activity for you.

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Beach Volleyball

This activity combines both physical endurance and fun.  Campers will be given the opportunity to develop basic skills of the game including the serve, set, spike, block, and dig.  All these skills can then be displayed during intra-camp competitions.

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Field Games

Our multi-purpose field provides the surface to play many of your favorite sports and games.  These include:  soccer, ultimate frisbee, kickball, 4-square, and many other activities.  Join your friends, or even challenge our staff to a friendly competition of your favorite game.

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In this activity campers are taught proper gun care and the importance of gun safety.  Our trained instructor will guide the campers through using the air rifles and teach proper shooting techniques.  This activity will improve your marksmanship and is a hit for campers of all ages.

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Pin Dodge

No week at Camp Willow Run is complete without a game of pin dodge!  This unforgettable game incorporates all the rules of traditional dodgeball with an added twist.  The game is fun for campers of all ages and leaves everyone wanting to play more!

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